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How To Stay Up To Date With Fashion [2021]

How To Stay Up To Date With Fashion [2021]

stay up to date with fashion

Have you ever missed a train in your life? If yes, then you would be quite familiar with the caution you take to never miss a train again! The world of fashion is like that train. It runs so fast that you might just miss it but after all this dynamic industry makes it pretty hard to stay up to date with fashion trends throughout the year!

However, fear not! YOU, my readers are at the right station as here you shall find not just one but several ways to catch that train. So, ALL ONBOARD! and let’s proceed.

Why is it essential for one to stay up to date with fashion?

NiceLabel Blog: Keeping pace with fast fashion - stay up to with fashion

There is a real simple answer for this, we all wear clothes! or rather that’s the only option Adam and Eve left for us and a good one I must say. We adorn ourselves in clothes for an occasion, to impress someone, to look sharp for online office meetings but mostly to express ourselves.

In these dynamic times, clothes have moved from being pieces of adornment to a marketing medium. Now it is important to express to impress. Hence, it is necessary to keep up to date with fashion trends in order to magnify your expression, and here is how you can do it.



stay up to with fashion

 Back in the day before social media became all the hype, Magazines were the source for fashion, beauty, style and they still are. Magazines like Vogue, Elle, Grazia, etc. give you everything you need to know. From looks, you possibly missed out on runway shows to colours and fabrics that are or would be popular. 

Also with the digital age, you no longer need a physical subscription as these magazines are available online. All you have to do is Google ‘VOGUE’ or ‘ELLE’ or else click on the links below to be taken to their digital site where you can enjoy articles published daily.



stay up to with fashion

In simple words, blogs are online diaries where feelings and opinions can be freely expressed. Since it’s a combination of text and images it makes it an ideal platform to gain fashion knowledge from. Blogs are personal, hence, you will find styles that are more real and adaptable.

Blogs speak the truth hence, you will find less hyper-edited images and marketing jargon. Moreover, fashion blogs range from blogs just about the top runway looks to how-to adapt the runway looks with your current wardrobe, and let’s be honest blogs are a lot easier to read.

Fashion moguls bring out their style via their blogs, it can be either street style or new style trends or color trends and more. The truth remains that blogs are an excellent way to stay up to date with fashion trends! So let me take the first step and help you with a few links that will take you to interesting fashion bloggers who will keep your fashion in check.

Social Media

stay up to with fashion

The new age platform, to keep yourself up to date about the latest happenings is social media. After live news telecast, social media is the second place where one can receive instant updates on news, style and information. But how useful is social media for fashion info?

The response ‘very’ is an understatement as social media is on high priority for anyone seeking information about fashion. As the name says so “Social”, making it a platform where fashion designers, stylists and bloggers can come together and showcase their work. Since its majorly a visual platform, makes it an ideal place for designers to showcase their crafted designs and for stylists to bring forth their creative styles.

Since social media is vast, one can get confused as to where to look for fashion advice. Let me point you in the direction of 3 major platforms that will give you the fashion update you’re looking for.


If you like scrolling through pretty pictures, then Pinterest is for you. This visually pleasing media gives you a beautiful array of pictures. You simply type what you’re looking for, for example: search for “ summer color trends of 2021” and this is what it will show you

stay up to with fashion

Moreover, these images contain links that take you to the original website or blog for further reading. You can find pictorial representation for any of your fashion queries and if you like something you see you can save them and create your own miniature mood boards for future reference. Yet another great way to keep up to date with fashion these days!


The majority of today’s Instagram influencers began their careers through youtube. 

From the runway shows you probably missed out in person, to videos on how to style a basic shirt in creative ways can be found here. When designers introduce a new collection its promotion video is put out on Youtube first. Moreover, there are plenty of bloggers whose look-books, how-to-style videos and fashion haul you can watch to fulfill your fashion quota. Perhaps we could narrow that ‘plenty’ down to a few bloggers you should be following:

Ashley Brooke on Instagram: “Good morning 👋🏼” | Ashley brooke, New hair,  Half top knot
Ashley Brooke 
I Was Not An Overnight Success: YouTube Creator For Change Sejal Kumar |
Sejal Kumar
Tess Christine - YouTube
Tess Christine
Debasree Banerjee
Debashree Banerjee

A few viewings for your runway update.


From starting as a simple photo-sharing platform, Instagram is now the front and center for instant sharing to a large population. Instagram is the newest version of a blog with its engaging photo filters, fun photo grids and short video reels.

With all these features it makes it hard not to post. This is your one-stop point for all things related to fashion as AtoZ of fashion designers, stylists and celebrities have an Instagram account and they upload posts or stories throughout the day. To make things even easier, just put in #Fashion or #Style and you shall be treated to numerous links to follow for the latest styles, colours, outfits and more.

Insta Personalities

With the onset of  Insta personalities called Influencers, who are fashion moguls who give you everything you need to know about what to wear and what not wear, what items of clothing are trending now, what colours are popular for a particular season. They do so either through photo posts or videos, live stories or REELS and most of them have public accounts so all you have to do is follow, Voila! you shall have the latest trends at your fingertips.

Here are a few personalities who have mastered the art of fashion and providing trending content and will give to all the information you need to keep up to date with fashion:

Santoshi Shetty
Komal Pandey
Deeksha Khurana
Sakshi Sindhwani

Men! Don’t feel left out, here are a few for you:

Another portal that is widely trending is the INSTA REELS.

20-30 sec video clips, just enough to retain our memory span. They are the new way of staying up to date with fashion. All the designers, stylists and influencers are using them to show 8-10 looks of what is popular. Even non-fashion-related reels have people dressed up in trendy outfits. So, go ahead and click on that Reel button on your homepage to not miss out.

Even research stands by Instagram, showing that the population favors Instagram features for their dose of fashion trends.


stay up to with fashion

Keeping a close eye on runway shows is the most effective way to stay up to date with the fashion world. Runways showcase what is to come in the next season i.e fabrics to be used, styling and draping of displayed fabrics, colours to trend and accessories to be worn. 

It is a live culmination of in-depth research by designers whose aim is to show the population which clothes and accessories they should be looking out for. Watching these shows might take up some of your time but if you want to stay ahead and know what is to come next, Runways are the best option. Earlier runways would be screened on TV but now the digital age has given us numerous platforms to view them on.

Here is what you can find on Youtube:

Psst! A secret surprise for all the readers in this link


Scrolling through online shopping sites is something we do unconsciously, but what we fail to realize is how they can be useful in providing fashion tips as well. Online portals Like Myntra, Ajio, and H&M are made up of look books. It’s from these look books that we buy what we like. 

See Also

Most designers have collaborated with E-commerce websites to make their designs more accessible. Furthermore, E-comm stylists bring these designer pieces together to create an entire look. Not just designers, but multi-chain fashion houses also prefer to release their newest collection through their online portal. You can count on them to even tell you what is trending now.

All you need to do is scroll and you shall know what and how to wear a brand’s new collection.

stay up to with fashion


“ If you want to be the plastics, You got to dress like the plastics”

And they weren’t wrong! 

We know for a fact that when the movie ‘MEAN GIRLS’ came out, that movie’s fashion had taken the world by storm. Everyone dressed in pink tops or skirts and carried fuzzy little accessories. Movies are a great source for fashion, why? Cause they involve costumes for each character. Every character has a separate ensemble and some of these ensembles can turn into trends for any generation. This is observed in the following movies:

stay up to with fashion

I am not bias to chick-flicks, but we can’t deny that these movies didn’t make you fall in love with the colour pink or send you scouring to shops to purchase mini-skirts, tank tops and lip gloss. In the off case, even apply to law school.

stay up to with fashion

Looking back it was probably Brad Pitt who is responsible for the whole printed shirt trend and the men went scouring like crazy too for that leather jacket. For the women, it moved to comfy and oversized shirt/t-shirt with baggy jeans causing the whole Tomboy trend.

And let’s not lie, our train travel look or nightwear did look like this at one point.

What I’m trying to say is that movies aren’t just for entertainment. Keep your eyes open, cause for all you know what you’re watching could be the next best thing. Here are some fashionable movies, in case you missed them: 

  • Rocketman – available on Prime and Netflix
  • The Irishman – available on Prime
  • Hustlers – available on Prime

To find out which movies will shape our wardrobes in 20201 click here Top 10 Fashion Trends in 2021

Fashion Forecasting Websites

stay up to with fashion

Probably should have made more heed to this, as forecasting sites are literally how you can stay up to date with fashion as they predict popular future trends based on data from current trends. These sites look into everything, from ongoing purchase patterns to what consumers are looking up online based on which they predict trends for the coming seasons. 

These include colour trends, fabric trends, pattern trends, accessory trends, footwear trends for both men and women. Designers and even stylists depend on these sites to aid their work. Here are some sites that give you forecast articles for free for you to be well equipped as well.

And if all of this isn’t enough then pick out your favorite celebrities and get inspired by them! Take a cue from the suit chic that is signature Harry Styles or amp up your streetwear looks with A$AP Rocky!


My 2 cents on this is to pick two areas that you are comfortable with and continue to follow up with them. You don’t need to be the jack of all platforms. 

Also please do visit the links mentioned in the article and share your thoughts in the comments below and one more thing,

Send in some of your favorite fashion trends in the comments below. We would love to hear from you or you could just tell us which of these portals you use to keep up with fashion.

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    – a trendy anklet around one ankle ❤

  • Enjoyed reading this, Very Informative & precise contents
    “fashion is like eating , we can’t stick to the same menu “ Here I found where to find those different menus! Great work

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