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How To Spend Less On Groceries

How To Spend Less On Groceries

how to spend less on goceries

Wanna know the secret for spending less on groceries? here we go …

Though grocery shopping can be fun, we tend to get a mini heart attack at the end while paying the bill. It is important to stock up our pantry, but it doesn’t mean that we have to spend a huge amount every month. What I mean by this is when you go into the store to buy your groceries, stay focused on only what you need, rather than at what looks enticing. This can greatly have effect on the way to Spend less on groceries.

It’s really easy to go into a store for a gallon of milk, and come out with $30 dollars worth of junk food that you really don’t need, but you got just because it looked yummy. The average person goes to the grocery store 1.6 times a week and spends 43 minutes there, not including the time spent getting to and from the store.Therefore, on average we spend about 60 hours grocery shopping per year.

If you are this person who went to a supermarket to buy few essentials and end up carrying bags that doesn’t even fit in one cart, then here are few tips listed below in order to save your salary by spending less on groceries.

Before groceries, here is fact that you wanna know about food and our world,

As of 2011, 1.3 billion tons of food, about one third of the global food production, are lost or wasted annually. The USDA estimates that 27% of food is lost annually. In developing and developed countries which operate either commercial or industrial agriculture , food waste can occur at most stages of the food industry and in significant amounts

Key Note:

So keep these facts and other food waste in mind next time you are about to throw your food away. Every little bit of food saved helps, and it can make more of a difference than you may think.

Here are 10 ultimate tips that help you save your money in very effective way. Let’s get started…..

1.Check Your Pantry

Home Pantry - how to spend less on groceries

Before making trips to the supermarket, it is important to know what is inside your pantry. Make sure you know about the items that you are running low and which are well stocked up. This way you will get an idea on what to shop. It might take some time, but this step will definitely help us. Having an organized pantry will help us to go through the existing products quickly. So it is advised to categorize the pantry and organize them accordingly. Spent less on groceries using this simple trick.

Don’t feel like you need to buy something just because you’re out of it. Raid your pantry and fridge for substitutes first. Make your meal plans around what you already have.

2. Check Expiry Dates

Tracking the expiry date of the products is very essential. If you are checking your pantry before heading to the supermarket, Make sure you check the expiry date of the already stocked up pantries. This way you can avoid making trips to the supermarket again. Also, while you are shopping in bulk make sure you go through the date of expiry for the particular product to ensure that you can use it before they get expired.When you buy in bulk, you can put a label on them mentioning the date of expiry. Don’t think it’s a waste of time. This can definitely help you to save money by completely using the stocked up product without wasting them.

3. Make a List

Making a list of shopping can really save your time and money. Every time you remember something to buy make sure you add that to your list. After you ride your pantry, sit down, and note all the things that you need to shop. If you are listing them in a paper make sure you have a digital copy. Sometimes we can miss the list while shopping. Also, it is wise to ask about the needs of your family and then prepare a list. This way you can buy all the essentials at once with less amount spend on groceries.

4. look out for offers

online payment - how to spend less on groceries

This is the best way to save a huge amount in your pocket. Always check for offers in nearby stores and also online. This can be a great idea which makes you spend so much less on groceries. If you get any vouchers make sure you use them while billing without fail. Unless you have a busy schedule planned, don’t hesitate to take some time and shop at different stores because you get amazing deals around. This can actually save a lot of money. If you can find great deals online, then you can try online shopping too.

5. Shop Online

Despite a lot of effort if you get distracted and end up spending a lot of money, then online shopping is an ideal option for you. This way you can buy products that are only mentioned in your list and avoid buying all unnecessary stuff. Since it is online shopping, delivery can be a little late. So keep that in your mind and plan accordingly to order them before you run out of essentials. Online shopping also provides great deals these days. So make sure you check them out and order at the best time. Check for coupon codes and use them too. Read a dozen reviews before you shop at a particular site. Make sure you are shopping in a trustworthy site to have hassle-free shopping. This way you can Spend less on groceries and also saving time!

6. Calculate While Shopping

Before going inside the supermarket make sure you set a limit on your money. As you add things to your cart make sure you calculate the bill. This can help you to know how much you are spending. Avoid taking cards to the shopping. If you have liquid cash, you will definitely stick to the targeted amount in general. If you are bad at calculation try to round off the amount and try calculating them as you add the products to the cart. This way you can approximately calculate and track your money. Remember math can help to spend less on groceries.

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7. Carry Your Own Bags

Want to Spend less on groceries ? Keep your ears open! Carrying a bag of our own not just save money, but also helps us avoid using plastic bags. Usually, the stores are adding bag cost in your bill. This might not show a big difference in your bill, but still, you will end up spending a lot when you keep doing this every time you go shopping. There are a lot of cloth bags available in the market that can be reused whenever we go shopping. It is a one-time investment and it also makes you use fewer plastic bags that are harmful to the environment. There are wide collections of shopping bag available. You can wash and use them for a long period of time.

Not only it saves your money you spend on groceries but also it is good for animals and the environment. Using your own bags means that more plastic bags won’t end up in a landfill or other places where wildlife can become entangled in them or eat them.

8. Look Beyond Brands

Brands are not really important. When you are buying groceries, look for the quantity and quality. Take your time to compare different brands and pick products that you like. There is nothing like branded products which are expensive are the fine ones. If you think like that then you need to get that out of your head. Make sure you do a proper research and then buy them. It is advised to check out different brands and compare their pros and cons before going to the supermarket. Always look for good brands which are inexpensive. By this way you can save a lot of money and buy groceries without spending a huge amount.

9. Try Local Stores

If you want to buy few groceries then checkout your nearby local shop. This can be a great option for purchasing few products and great way to spend less on groceries. This way you don’t have to ride the entire store and spend extra money. Also there is a general misconception that local store does not have good quality products. This is completely wrong. Always research and know about the products rather than deciding yourself by just seeing the store. This is one of the best ways to reduce your trips to big supermarkets and save a lot of money.

Quick Tips

The following are the highlights of the above mentioned points. Make sure you remember all of them before going to your next groceries hunt.

  1. Ride your pantry before going shopping.
  2. Categorize and organize your pantry.
  3. Label the expiry date in your pantry containers.
  4. Check the date of expiry before buying the product.
  5. Make a list of things you wanted to buy.
  6. Discuss with your family and note their necessities too.
  7. Have a digital copy of your list. In case if you lost your copy, you can refer the digital copy.
  8. Surf for offers in online and also check different stores around your locality for offers.
  9. Save free coupons and gift cards.
  10. Buy membership in your regular grocery store (if available).
  11. Buy online if you find exciting offers.
  12. Make sure you read reviews before investing your money in online shopping.
  13. Calculate bill simultaneously while shopping to know how much money is left for the rest of the shopping.
  14. Carry a bag along with you. Don’t buy plastic bags. Use reusable bags.
  15. Research and check or cheaper brand options.
  16. Try buying groceries in local store.
  17. Use cash instead of carrying cards.
  18. Set a budget before going for shopping.
  19. Avoid buying short shelf life products in bulk.
  20. Don’t shop in hurry. Take your time.


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